Click of the Wild: Hair

I chose this focus…for no particular reason. I had kind of forgotten it was my turn to pick next so I didn’t have anything planned and “hair” just popped into my head so I went with it.

To capture it I wanted to juxtapose Charlotte and Samantha’s hair. It’s different colors, but they both have shiny, healthy hair that I think is really pretty and this picture captures both the shine and the health of it, I think. It also captures a little of the bond they have with each other…they sleep together, aggravate each other, confide in each other, fight with each other, etc. Their lives are so intertwined and I love it.


I also captured a couple of Samantha before Charlotte came into the room. I would have loved to have hair like this when I was her age!

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Click of the Wild: Summertime

Here are my captures of “summertime” from the past two weeks.

Samantha had a swim party and I got them to all line up and jump in…I love that capture of Garrison right in the middle, haha!

Clover says summertime…right?

Mowing the yard is definitely summertime! With all the rain we’ve had this summer this has been my view quite a bit!

Summertime also means gathering the garden veggies…Buttons was trying to help out/hinder Samantha’s pea shelling.

And a spontaneous capture of my girls helping out with the garden work…they look pretty happy about it don’t they? Actually, I told them if they’d let me take their picture we’d get slushies. It worked:)Now…feel free to head over to Click of the Wild to see the other “summertime” pictures!


Charlotte July 2014

I recently took Charlotte shopping and she picked out this skirt and top. I love it! So when she wore it to church last Sunday I made sure to get a couple of shots of her before she changed out of it. This wasn’t completely with her blessing…she kind of hates getting in front of my camera most of the time. But I love these images of her. I can’t hardly believe how old she suddenly looks and it makes me kind of catch my breath.

York Family

This was one of those shoots that went perfectly. The weather was great…not too hot, not too cold, light clouds. The leaves on the trees were at their peak of gorgeousness. This family was cooperative and fun to be with. They included their pets. We had a variety of backdrops to work with. All those things add up to a great shoot…at least in my world:)

Meet the York family…Ashley, Jessica, Megan, Rylan, Colby, and Champ.

I coaxed their mom, Shannon, into one shot…


Samantha July 2014 (and Sasha)

These two have a special bond. They love and seem to understand each other. If you’ve ever been around Sasha you know that she is a high energy dog…always jumping and bouncing and isn’t the most well-behaved. But Samantha can handle her as good as, or better, than anyone else. Sasha is always happy to be with her. Her eyes sparkle and her short little tail wags.

They were hanging out together in the yard one day earlier this month, unplanned and unposed, and I just happened to see them. I ran for my camera, sat down near them, and captured their special relationship:)