Click of the Wild: Home

Linden chose this focus and I kinda winged it. I was painting my bedroom Saturday afternoon and thinking about the focus word and how having and running a home means always keeping it up…cleaning, yard work, painting, etc. And so this photo represents what “home” meant to me at that moment:)























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Click of the Wild: Water

Bobbie chose this focus and it was well timed for me because I was going to be vacationing at Niagara Falls and would be taking lots of pictures of water while there! I’ve already shared a few of my more scenic images, but for this focus I chose one that happened almost by accident.

We took the Hornblower Cruise to the base of the falls. It travels past the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls to the base of the Horseshoe Falls (together those three falls make what is known as Niagara Falls) then makes a U-turn and travels back up the Niagara river . For context this is what the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls look like from afar…(The American Falls are the largest section and Bridal Veil Falls is the smaller section to the right.) The boat you see is one like we rode on. Notice the mist rising up from where the falls hit the water below.


And for greater context this is what the boat looks like when it’s at the base of Horseshoe Falls.

Do you see how much more mist there is in the air at this point? Because of that we were all wearing ponchos to keep from getting soaked and I didn’t take my nicest camera with me on the boat. I was worried about water damage, but I still wanted to take pictures so I took my Nikon D40 with me…hoping that it wouldn’t get damaged, but knowing that if it did it wouldn’t be as big of a loss as my Nikon D7000 would be.  So I tucked it under my poncho to protect it and pulled it out to take pictures when I could.

Anyway, at the base of Horseshoe Falls the mist was too heavy to even think about pulling out my camera. It was about too much to even open my eyes! The power of the falls was amazing! But while passing by the American and Bridal Veil Falls it wasn’t as bad. The mist still reached us, as you can see in the next picture it coated my camera lens, but I was able to get this cool shot of part of the American Falls and all of Bridal Veil Falls with the water from the mist dotting my lens. I wish I could say I planned it this way but I didn’t. I was constantly trying to dry the water from my lens, but it kept reappearing almost as fast as I could dry it at this point. When I got back to dry land and was able to look at my pictures I was pleasantly surprised by how this one turned out:)

If you look closely you can see that there are people standing on top of the section that divides the two falls. That gives you some perspective of big they are!

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Niagara Falls 2014

Friday evening I got home from a vacation at Niagara Falls…so much fun! I’m really liking this traveling thing:)

I have a lot of pictures to go through and hopefully I’ll get a chance to blog in depth about our trip in upcoming weeks, but since I know that’ll take some time I thought I’d quickly cull through my memory cards and share just a few of my favorite scenic images…

We had an amazing time and I got to see so much. This great world is so beautiful and being able to see different pieces of it is a blessing. I’ll try to share more later!


Click of the Wild: Hair

I chose this focus…for no particular reason. I had kind of forgotten it was my turn to pick next so I didn’t have anything planned and “hair” just popped into my head so I went with it.

To capture it I wanted to juxtapose Charlotte and Samantha’s hair. It’s different colors, but they both have shiny, healthy hair that I think is really pretty and this picture captures both the shine and the health of it, I think. It also captures a little of the bond they have with each other…they sleep together, aggravate each other, confide in each other, fight with each other, etc. Their lives are so intertwined and I love it.


I also captured a couple of Samantha before Charlotte came into the room. I would have loved to have hair like this when I was her age!

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Click of the Wild: Summertime

Here are my captures of “summertime” from the past two weeks.

Samantha had a swim party and I got them to all line up and jump in…I love that capture of Garrison right in the middle, haha!

Clover says summertime…right?

Mowing the yard is definitely summertime! With all the rain we’ve had this summer this has been my view quite a bit!

Summertime also means gathering the garden veggies…Buttons was trying to help out/hinder Samantha’s pea shelling.

And a spontaneous capture of my girls helping out with the garden work…they look pretty happy about it don’t they? Actually, I told them if they’d let me take their picture we’d get slushies. It worked:)Now…feel free to head over to Click of the Wild to see the other “summertime” pictures!