Bonus Room, 70’s Style

Wow, it’s been a loooong time since I’ve blogged. I’ve thought about writing posts but then the idea of taking, editing, resizing, and uploading pictures seemed too time consuming so I didn’t. But I have a house update that I’m excited about sharing and I’ve kind of missed doing the writing that blogging involves so I figured I’d share this.

When we built this house in 2009 the room over the garage was left unfinished. It became a room full of stuff that I didn’t want to deal with organizing and it got to the point where I hated to even open the door because it was depressing to see what a mess it had become. I kept promising myself I would get it cleaned out but kept putting it off. Then we got the opportunity to take in some furniture from my daughters’ great-grandmother’s house. She had a big, orange, velour, sectional sofa from the late 1970’s that I really, really liked and I was very excited about the chance to give it a new home. Here’s an old picture of it in her den. This room has hosted visits by many friends and family members and she took excellent care of her furniture!


So needing a place for that furniture to go was a big push for me to clean out the bonus room and get it finished. This is how it looked after we spent a Saturday cleaning it out. I wish I had taken a true before picture so you could see just how messy and full of junk it was. (Anyone need a chair? I seem to accumulate them.:))

I’m very lucky in that when I mentioned to my family that I’d like to finish the room several family members jumped in to help. My dad, brothers, and nephew came over and did the framing and trim carpentry. My mom and daughters helped paint.

Sasha enjoyed checking out the unfinished room. You can see the little paint samples I had on the wall as I was trying to make a decision.

I hate painting ceilings so much! Don’t you love my paint attire?

Once we got to putting color on the walls I was excited about it, but also a little apprehensive about the color I picked. It looked so dark and bold!

Mama helped me paint the floor. That’s right, I painted the plywood on the floor instead of installing any kind of flooring. And it’s not fancy plywood, it’s just OSB, the really textured stuff that is very splintery. I read a few blog posts where others had done it and decided to go for it. It’s a cheap way to finish floors and if I ever want to install flooring later it can be put right on top of the paint. Maybe I’ll do another blog post later specifically about painting the floor and what it involved. Right now I’ll just say that some people thought I was a little crazy for doing it, but I’m happy with how it turned out.

Installing the trim work…the final bit of construction.

My sister, brother-in-law, and more nephews (thanks Donna, Derry, Derek, and Devin!) moved the furniture for me from Grandmama’s house to ours. I didn’t get a picture of that…I was helping carry some of the stuff and didn’t have my camera with me. This is where the couch sat for several weeks while we were waiting for the room to be finished. There was a narrow path to walk around it but it worked! (Although we had a few stubbed toes.)

I was so excited to finally get to the point where we could move the furniture into the room! Jeffrey, Cliff, and Payton carried this extremely heavy hutch upstairs so we got a picture of them once it was safely in its place.

Break time…

Since the couch was such an awesome 70’s style I decided to embrace that whole idea. I shopped in thrift shops for additional seventies items to fill in the room such as lighting and curtains and made a Pinterest board of all possible ideas that I thought might work. During my research on decorating seventies style I found a blog called Retro Renovation that has become a new daily blog read for me. (Have I mentioned that I love reading blogs?) I love that it is all about embracing whatever style house you have and making the most of it and not about trying to update every house into whatever style is currently trending. So that’s what I’m doing with the couch…embracing it for what it is.:)

Are you tired of me chattering about all this? Want to see some shots of the finished room? Okay!

These pillows are from Wal-Mart (the blue ones), Marshall’s (the nubby ivory one), and World Market (the peacock one).

I found the pinch pleat curtains at a thrift shop for $4.50 for the pair. I love the way they almost cover the window wall.

The curtains are a little short, but I plan to add some fabric in a coordinating print to finish them off. On the left is our super large 22″ entertainment center:). Maybe one day we’ll upgrade to something larger. I absolutely love this view of the room though…the couch is so big and it’s great to lounge around on.

The navy and ivory pillows are from Wal-Mart. The ivory, macrame-looking ones are from Target. I thought they added a subtle 70’s touch.

The woven poufs are from Wal-Mart and the rug is by nuLOOM purchased from I was very nervous about buying a rug online without seeing it in person, and I was even a little unsure about it once I saw it. But when we got everything in the room I loved how it tied everything together!

The side tables came with the couch. More late 70’s awesomeness!

I found this wonderfully tacky lamp at Habitat for Humanity.

My nephew found this ceiling pendant in a house where he was doing some remodeling work. The homeowner was replacing it and passed it on to me. I love it and it was free! It finished off the room perfectly.

On the other side of the room we put the hutch I mentioned before (it’s great for holding books and games) and this table and six chairs that are also from Grandmama. I found the swag lamp at Habitat for Humanity for $15. Afterwards I looked for comparable ones online and found one that was listed for $90. I’m much happier with the price I paid and I think it’s perfect for the spot! The little orange owl on the shelf was a gift from a friend who gave it to me when she heard I was decorating a 70’s style room. I like the pop of orange it adds to the shelves. I found the afghan at Goodwill for $1.29.

Here’s a picture with the light off so you can see it better.

We started working on this room in January and finished it less than a week ago. It’s already been put to good use and we’re looking forward to lots more time spent in here. In fact, I’m sitting on the couch right now as I’m typing this.:)

I realize that giant, orange couches aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I can’t think of a couch I’d rather have!

Click of the Wild: The Magic of the Season

Molly chose this word and I wish I had taken more time to focus on photographing it. I love the Christmas season, but I get too caught up in the things surrounding Christmas and let that overwhelm the real meaning. This year has been more stressful than usual for me and I’m trying to figure out why. I know I get busy trying to fit in all the “stuff” and I need to stop and remember what it’s really about…the birth of Jesus.

This is an ornament we have; it was given to me as a gift. Wouldn’t this be something wonderful to have? And if peace on earth isn’t possible this year maybe I can just find peace in my heart.

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