Bush Family

This family is pretty special to me…Tabitha is my niece, Kevin is my nephew-in-law, and that means all these cute kids are my great-nieces and great-nephew!

We did this shoot when Baby Walker was only five days old. He’s the first boy in their family and, luckily for him, he has three older sisters to look out for him all his life:)

Walker’s Aunt Rebecca is excellent at crocheting. She made these next two items for him.

Click of the Wild: Texture

Our focus word for Click of the Wild this time was “texture” chosen by Bobbie. I was determined that I would capture a variety of images this time. Part of the reason for doing this whole Click of the Wild thing was to encourage us to shoot more, shoot things we might not otherwise shoot, and have fun with it. At least, that’s what I wanted to do and I felt like I hadn’t been doing that. So I made a short list of things that I thought of when I heard the word texture and set out to capture some of them in pictures.

Charlotte’s hair was one of the first things I thought of. She has really pretty hair. It’s brown but when the light hits it just right she has pretty copper highlights. I wanted to capture that in a picture. This is what I ended up with…

For my next assignment I took my camera into the woods behind our house at sunset. Nature is full of texture and I wanted to take the time to notice it and capture it. I love how the wooded area has trees nicely spaced apart and the ground between them is full of undergrowth. Not too much…just enough to add a layer of interest. Nature really does know what it’s doing and looks prettiest when left alone.

The most obvious texture in nature might just be tree bark…had to notice that. And this jumble of vines caught my eye. It was kind of hard to make a good composition out of that though.

I love this huge vine growing up this tree.

A mess of briars was fun to notice. I spent quite a bit of time getting the focus on just that one point. And blurring the background just so. But it was fun. Just me and my camera in the woods playing around.

Then, coming out of the woods, I noticed this little section of woody stems near the edge. It’s not a great picture, but fun to take the time to notice nonetheless.

Next on my list of texture was rust. I remembered there was an old rusty tractor near my dad’s house so I went over to get some closeup shots of it. Here’s full shot so you can see just how rusted it is. 

I asked Dad what kind it is and he told me it’s a 1928 McCormick-Deering 15-30. It belonged to my Great-Grandfather Carriker at one time and has quietly been rusting away over the past few decades.

When I got home I Googled it and here’s a picture of what it would have looked like when it was new.

But it has a certain charm in all it’s rusted glory. I love the colors and texture that oxidation creates.But taking this wide variety of pictures made it difficult for me to pick one to include in Click of the Wild. As I’m typing this I still haven’t decided which one will be my official choice. Everyone else has apparently already posted theirs and I’m tempted to look at them before I decide but I can’t because that’s against the rules, haha!

Okay, signing off now and going to upload one of these to Click of the Wild. Head over there to see my choice and to see how my friends chose to photograph texture!


Goforth Family

I have had the pleasure of shooting this particular family annually for the past several years. They are always great to work with…so laid back and easy going with cute and coordinated clothing and easy to smile…a fun family to be around:)These particular pictures were taken six months ago, so you can see that I’m not exactly on top of my blogging game, but I’m excited to share them with you nonetheless.


Click of the Wild: Street Photography

I was the one who picked this focus. I was inspired by the work of Vivian Maier and how she would just get out on the street and take interesting shots full of people and she wasn’t afraid to get right up in someone’s space if necessary and captured scenes that are fascinating. In my mind I thought it would be so liberating to strike out with my camera and photograph whatever struck my fancy. When I had a free afternoon I headed to downtown Matthews thinking there would be some good scenic shots there.

Well, downtown Matthews is picturesque, but bustling with life it isn’t. Oh, there are lots of cars passing by, but not a lot of pedestrians, at least not on a Monday afternoon. Nonetheless, I wandered the streets on foot and still had fun shooting whatever caught my eye. It’s kind of amazing how much more a person can see of a place when they’re on foot.

This is part of Renfrow Hardware. I love this old building with it’s rustic charm but kind of wonder how this section is still standing!

The view down Main Street from the corner of E John Street and Main.

This house is for sale so I felt okay walking up into the abandoned yard and getting a closer shot of the front porch. The overgrown steps and flag on the front door caught my eye.

An Aldi’s shopping cart at the bus stop. I guess someone pushed their groceries to the bus and left the cart behind.

I always notice this house as I’m driving by so I had to get a picture of it. It seems huge to me…especially for a house built in its time period. The wrap-around porch is perfection but my favorite part is the third story windows. I so badly want to visit and see what the inside of those rooms look like. I imagine that it would be a perfect spot to have a bedroom while growing up…lots of privacy and coziness.

Charlotte and Samantha were with me as I was taking pictures and when we spotted this cat basking on its porch Samantha made sure I got a picture. The house itself is gorgeous and the cat even matched it. 

And that is my very un-Vivian Maier experience with street photography. I may have to try this again because it truly was fun to get out and explore with my camera in hand:)

Now feel free to head over to Click of the Wild to see what my photog friends captured for their versions of street photography!

Charlotte March 2014

To see how this girl has grown so much over the past couple of months makes my heart hurt a little. I’m glad that she doesn’t think she’s too old for climbing trees yet:)