York Family

This was one of those shoots that went perfectly. The weather was great…not too hot, not too cold, light clouds. The leaves on the trees were at their peak of gorgeousness. This family was cooperative and fun to be with. They included their pets. We had a variety of backdrops to work with. All those things add up to a great shoot…at least in my world:)

Meet the York family…Ashley, Jessica, Megan, Rylan, Colby, and Champ.

I coaxed their mom, Shannon, into one shot…


Samantha July 2014 (and Sasha)

These two have a special bond. They love and seem to understand each other. If you’ve ever been around Sasha you know that she is a high energy dog…always jumping and bouncing and isn’t the most well-behaved. But Samantha can handle her as good as, or better, than anyone else. Sasha is always happy to be with her. Her eyes sparkle and her short little tail wags.

They were hanging out together in the yard one day earlier this month, unplanned and unposed, and I just happened to see them. I ran for my camera, sat down near them, and captured their special relationship:)


Click of the Wild: Pattern

Mallory chose this focus word and theĀ only thing I could think of when I thought of “pattern” were the block manipulatives that my girls used back in kindergarten. Learning how to make and copy patterns is the beginning of learning math basics and these blocks were part of their homeschool math kit. Goodness, teaching math was simpler back then!

Anyway, that’s what my mind kept coming back to whenever I tried to think of pattern pictures to take, so this is what I photographed:)While this picture may not have any special meaning to anyone else I’ll always think fondly of these little blocks. I only wish I’d taken pictures of them while Charlotte and Samantha’s little hands were still using them.


Now, feel free to head over to Click of the Wild to see how my friends interpreted “pattern”!


Click of the Wild: Hands

This past weekend was July 4th and it turned out to be a great weekend to celebrate! The weather could not have been any more perfect and we spent the evening of the 4th watching the Knights play baseball at their new stadium in uptown Charlotte. I’m not much of a sports fan, but even I know that it doesn’t get much more American than watching baseball on Independence Day:)

Linden chose “hands” as the focus word this time, and since I took my camera along to get shots at the game I figured I’d just keep my eyes open for a “hands” shot to capture. Here are a few shots from the game…see if you can pick out the one that fits the focus word.

First up, family ballpark picture. That’s my nephew, Joshua, photobombing us. It kind of scares me when I look at it, haha!Patriotic hairstyles for Samantha and Charlotte…star braids!There is nothing I love more than what’s in these next two pictures:)Love, love laughing shots!And a few shots of the actual game. The Knights lost by the way…7 to 1.It was a gorgeous night! I enjoyed just sitting there enjoying the breeze, the beautiful sky, and the fun of spending the evening with family and friends.Now, head over to Click of the Wild to see all the shots of hands that me and my friends captured. Thanks for visiting!

Samantha June 2014

Samantha wanted me to curl her hair…a task that takes a little while because her hair is stick straight. But I enjoyed it. After all, how much longer will she want me to curl her hair? She has been growing it out for the past couple of years and she’s proud of how long it has gotten. And it’s quite pretty too:)